Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Fight For Equality Or Faith Under Attack


Being a part of feminist brigade , thought was ripe & adventurous to gate crash the pilgrims . when its a battle of supremacy its essential to hoist flag of feminism in every corner . Hitting multiple targets with one shot , the rebellion would attract immediate attention. 

24 hours news channels need something to feed , may it be hooliganism, may it be gate crashing ,may it be hurting the sentiments of majority , Its always Feminism first .Grabbing  Eyeballs of political class & above all its "Show of Strength" . Gatecrashing act is a  chutzpah to reinforce Feminist Supremacy.   Dare humanism to yield to Feminism. 

Feminism die hard efforts to equate itself to women welfare has been fragmented, Only to emerge rebellious . How does gate crashing to a pilgrim relates to women welfare is best known to them. Die hard fan of feminism may call it an "act of equality". However  when it comes to enjoying the privileges, the same mass undergo hibernation. 

Whether it be enjoying privileges of victim hood under gender biased laws or demanding reservations in any score of life. An empty train or bus compartment reserved for them cant be occupied , however they can conveniently move across any where . Special leaves , priorities in ques or be it anything else. when privileges are to be availed on account of fairer sex who cares of damm "gender equality". 

On my trip to kerala, a ritual , while entering a temple i was asked to remove my shirt & vest before entering a temple & bowing to deity . Could we call women replicate the same??  Kamakhya temple Vishakapatnam, Kanyakumari Temple Kerala, Adukal Temple Kerala  are no go zones for Male fraternity .

Durga pooja the biggest festivals & religious event  have gala fetivities. Auspicious days of Navratras conclude  with " Kanya Bhoj " . The Country of rich cultural & moral values where the girls are treated as no  less than deity. 

Can we call this an act of gender bias differentiating  a male child from a girl??

Are we expecting men to reciprocate the hooliganism & gate crashing?? Will that be seen as an act of valor??  

The  entire hullabo is entering Shani Shignaeswara or Sabrimala or Haji Ali. Should their be campaign for making all rituals gender neutral?? is it appropriate to demolish  Faith for sake of feminist superiority. How long we will be gulled by the act of victim hood?? How long we will tolerate the hooliganism & rebellion in the name of feminism?? Can we we quantify the act for any form of welfare for any one ??

The entry of pilgrims is duly supported by judiciary too. Sagacious judiciary oblivious of perspicacious feminist . Nuclear power is blessing & evil both , it depends how you use it . The Analogy of nuclear power &  Judiciary can  be clearly drawn. Pseudo feminism is exhilarated attacking faith & forcibly entering places of worship.  

To follow or break the rituals is not a question?? To allow men or women in pilgrims is also not a question ?? Question is are our acts contributing to welfare of common mass?? can we do it without hurting the faith?? Are we flag bearers of equality &  justice , or are we just getting manipulated ??

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